Be who you want to be

Your unconscious mind causes you to act, then your conscious mind rationalizes why, not the other way around.

The job of your unconscious mind is to keep you alive.

You are alive so it likes to do what you’ve done before.

The more you do something the more likely you’ll keep doing it, without conscious choice.

Which can make changing hard. You may feel like your in a battle of wills with yourself, or feel frustrated at your lack of follow through.

It gets much easier when you communicate with your unconscious mind.

Let it know what changes you want to make, and also listen to it’s wisdom.

This will build new patterns that better match your goals.

Hypnotic coaching tools can help you change any habit whether you want to:

  • quit smoking,
  • start writing every day,
  • prefer healthier food,
  • speak up more,
  • keep your temper,
  • fall asleep more easily,
  • enjoy exercise,
  • curb binge and emotional eating
  • perfect a skill,
  • stay calm under pressure,
  • assert yourself,
  • reduce stress,
  • speak confidently,
  • improve performance
  • many other possibilities

If you’re interested in making changes with me,

Hypnotic and conversational change work that teaches you tools to more easily shift your own emotions and actions the way you want to do it.

I’m Annelise and besides being trained in hypnosis and coaching, I majored in environmental studies and biochemistry. I like to learn and share about how our bodies and minds work.

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